This blog is a collection of projects I’ve done on our 1989 Sabre 36. If I help one other sailor then it’s worth the effort!

I started sailing sometime around 1994 at Community Boating on the Charles River in Boston. A the time it was $175 for the entire year. Now they charge $359. IMHO this is the absolute best deal in Boston and an amazing place to learn to sail. They have a fleet of unsinkable Mercury’s that you can literally ram into the docks unscathed. The staff is incredible and learning to sail from other sailors, on the water, in little tippy boats is the way to go. If you can sail a Mercury you can sail anything.

Since learning at Community Boating we’ve owned a few boats, leading up to our current boat. Here’s the rundown:

  • S/V Oops, a Galilee 15
  • S/V Hullabaloo, a CAL 22
  • S/V Glendi, a Sabre 32

Our current boat is a 1989 Sabre 36 which we purchased from the original owner in April 2019 that we named Glendi. Glendi is a Greek word that loosely translated means the spirit or essence of a party. I sail out of East Falmouth, Massachusetts with my wife, Jana, and our two daughters. Our favorite spot is Lake Tashmoo on the Vineyard, and Cuttyhunk or Mnemsha if we’re feeling ambitious.

Glendi in Old Lyme, just before delivery to East Falmouth, MA.

Up the mast!

Glendi I sailing in Vineyard Sound. Taken from the Island Queen.

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